SureFire™ Cornbags - Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about SureFire™ cornhole bags.

How consistent are SureFire™ cornhole bags in weight?

Our resin-filled bags are constructed with an accuracy of 1 gram. A gram is the weight of about 2 kernels of corn. Most people cannot feel a difference of less than 20 or 30 grams. For comparison, we weighed several dozen bags of the leading brand and found that, although they were consistent enough not to be detectable by hand, they were less accurate than SureFire™ Pro-Style bags (+/- 5g compared to +/- 1g). And resin filling does not break down or shed dust like corn, so usage and wear have little effect on the weight or consistency of resin bags.

Our corn-filled bags are individually filled with the same accuracy as our resin-filled bags (with 1g). However, corn is a product of nature, so individual bags tend to vary in weight over time based on conditions and wear. Corn bags are filled to 453g (16.0 oz), within 1g which is about 1/20th of an ounce or about the weight of two to three kernels of corn. If you purchase a set of new cornbags, they will usually weigh this amount. However, there are cases when even new cornbags might weigh a bit less. Corn is a grain that has been cleaned and dried, but it still contains some water content. In dry low-humidity conditions, stored cornbags can be subject to further drying which can result is a loss of up to 20g or even a slight gain. We store entire sets together so it's unlikely that individual bags will differ by more than a couple grams.

Corn breaks down and sheds dust as bags age. When you first play with new corn bags they shed dust in large amounts, typically about 1/2 ounce in the first dozen or so games. Older worn bags can be light by several ounces. Unfortunately, this loss in weight is not always uniform between bags in the same set. Older corn bags will weigh much less than new bags and will eventually become inconsistent among bags in the same set. The only way to ensure consistent weight between bags is to replace them often or switch to resin-filled bags.