Corn vs. Resin Cornhole Bags

SureFire™ Traditional and Heavy Duty cornhole bags are filled with whole corn. SureFire™ Premium and Pro-Style bags are filled with plastic resin. Corn is more traditional and economical, but resin has advantages as well. Here are some of the differences.

Corn Resin
More economical short term More economical long term
Shorter life Longer life
Shed dust. This lubricates the boards but is messy and reduces life of bags. Don't shed dust. Cleaner and play is more consistent over time.
Breaks down. Feel and action changes. Feel and action remains consistent.
Over time bags within the set become uneven in weight and fullness. Bags within the set retain the same weight and fullness.
Don't store well. Usually need replacing every season. Hold up well in storage.
Vulnerable to moisture. Filling is invulnerable to moisture.
Subject to rot, mold, and mildew. Filling resists rot, mold, and mildew.
Attracts bugs and animals. Nothing to attact bugs or animals.
Familiar to all players. Unfamiliar to many players. Familiar and popular among competitive players.
Biodegradable Recycleable
Slower to break-in. Filling needs no break-in period.
Become thin, pasty, and clumpy over time making old bags harder to hole. Become more loose and slinky over time (due to softening of the cloth) making old bags easier to hole.
Bags slide slower over time due to the wear of the cloth, the ulverizing of the corn, and less shedding of dust. Bags slide slower over time, but only slightly, due entirely to the wear of the cloth.