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SureFire™ Squircular Pro-Style Bags are dual-action rounded-cornered competition bags like those used in pro tournaments. They add extra control, more play and a challenging new dimension for skilled players. One side has fabric that slides easily, and runs up the board. The other has a more clingy fabric that stuns where it lands for less slide. Rounded corners prevent getting hung up in the hole.

  • Rounded corners prevent getting caught in hole
  • Dual-action two-sided run/stun fabric
  • Regulation size, weight, shape, feel. 450g (about 15.9oz)
  • Hand washable, moisture resistant
  • Filled with Plexicorn™ (details)
  • No dust to shed - always full
  • Safe to store, resist mildew and rot
  • Won't attract bugs like corn bags

$80 (set of 8)