Plexicorn™ Synthetic Corn Substitute

Surefire Cornbags are filled with either the traditional and economical whole corn or with a modern substitute called Plexicorn. Plexicorn plays and feels a lot like real corn, but without all the problems.

Whole corn is the traditional filling for cornhole bags. It's inexpensive and easily available. That's why true corn bags are still the most popular home-made bags and the most familiar to long-time players.
Problems with Corn
Unfortunately, corn has its drawbacks. Corn is only good when dry, clean, fresh, and kept out of the elements. Once it gets wet, it gets pasty and is never the same. It's also organic so it can get moldy and attract bugs and animals when stored.

Then there's the dust. Corn-filled bags shed dust as the corn breaks down. Dust is a mixed blessing. Some players like it because it helps lubricate the boards. But it also makes a mess. And as bags shed dust they get smaller over time, wear thin sooner, and play progressively different.

True-corn bags lose an ounce or two as they wear. And that shrinkage is seldom uniform, so a set of bags can quickly become uneven. It also means they have to be overfilled initially in order to maximize the productive lifetime of the bag. And that means new true-corn bags require a longer breaking-in period before they play their best.

And not all players agree on just when a bag is at its best. Some prefer the fast and supple play of newer bags, and others like the softer slower play of well-worn bags. If your corn-filled bags play perfect, they'll soon change. And if one bag gets damaged or lost, you'll probably need to replace the whole set.

Bag suppliers love these problems because they keep players coming back for more product. But like ivory billiard balls and wooden skis, a modern high-tech substitute is destined to provide a more practical and ultimately superior alternative.
Plexicorn Advantages
Plexicorn™ synthetic corn substitute solves the problems of corn while retaining the closest possible corn-like play and feel. Plexicorn filling is made from a trade-secret mixture of plastic pellets, carefully chosen and combined to match the playing characteristics of broken-in bags in the prime of their lifetime. Plexicorn is painstakenly density-balanced and volume-matched to simulate that sweet-spot of broken-in corn. The smaller particles simulate the feel of the lightly pulverized corn in broken-in bags. These uniform smaller particles distribute impact forces more evenly reducing bounciness and unpredictable deflection. The hardness, elasticity, and shape of the particles ensure proper "action", allowing particles to roll over one another smoothly and evenly, just enough to slink easily into the whole without excessive cling or clumpiness. Plexicorn™ filling is the synthetic corn that plays and feels just right to serious players and is still economical for recreational players.