Care and Cleaning of SureFire™ Cornbags

When your SureFire™ Cornbags get dirty be sure to follow the correct cleaning instructions for your particular model and style of bags:

Standard Cornbags
Our standard regulation cornbags are NOT washable. They are made from 100% cotton duck cloth canvas and filled with whole corn. You should take great care to keep them dry at all times. If they are exposed to moisture, such as a spilled drink or landing in a puddle, remove them immediately, dry as well as possible with a towel, and air dry before attempting to use again. A blow dryer on low heat setting can help accelerate the drying, but be sure the corn is completely dry before use. Once corn gets too wet, it can get pasty and clumpy and may never play right again. Duck cloth can be spot cleaned if you can avoid getting the corn wet, but the cloth itself is best kept dry as well so that it doesn't shrink, fade, or fray. Never put cornbags in the washer, dryer, dishwasher, or microwave. Standard cornbags are inexpensive and are intended to be replaced frequently.
Resin-filled Bags
Resin bags with cotton cloth such as our XL Resin and XXL Resin and Pro-Style bags are less susceptible to damage from moisture than corn-filled bags, but they will last longest if kept dry. They can however be cleaned when necessary. We recommend hand washing them in cool water with a brush, then dry them thoroughly before play. They can be machine washed if necessary but you'll need to take some precautions to avoid any chance of damaging the bags or your machine. To protect your machine, place the bags inside a sealed pillow case or laundry bag - just in case a worn bag breaks in the wash; you do not want the resin to get free and possibly harm your machine. Wash the bages on delicate cycle and cool temperature to minimize shrinkage and color fading.