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SureFire™ XL Resin Cornhole Bags are filled with plastic resin pellets instead of corn. Plastic filling helps bags last longer. They resist moisture and do not shed, so they won't get light, thin, and floppy like aging corn bags. Plus, no corn means no bugs, no being eaten by pets, no mold or mildew, and no rotting when put away for next season. They are like traditional bags in all other ways. Made with standard duck cloth.

  • Filled with plastic resin pellets that don't shed or get thin
  • Standard 100% cotton duck cloth is light and strong
  • Regulation weight of about 15oz just like broken-in cornbags
  • 6" Suresquare™ shape, no flared corners
  • Full range of colors. For upgraded cloth and even longer life (but fewer color options) see XXL resin bags.

$60 (set of 8)

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