Traditional Cornbags vs. Specialty Bags

For recreational players looking for the best traditional regulation bags at the lowest price, Surefire Traditional Cornbags are just the thing. But for those who want bags that last longer, or hold up better with heavy use or harsh conditions, we offer some specialty bags. And we also offer pro-style dual-sided bags, exactly like the pros play with but at half the price.

Durability One reason you might want to upgrade to Extended Life bags is to get higher grade longer-lasting cloth. The higher grade duck cloth holds up better when playing on rough surfaces or very frequent play. They are also better for public courts where abuse is a factor. Under harsher conditions or heavy use, extended life bags are a better value than standard bags.

The are two types of Surefire Extended Life bags. XL (corn) bags are the same as our Traditional corn bags but with the higher grade cloth. They last about twice as long under average conditions. XXL (resin) bags are made from the same higher grade cloth PLUS they are filled with resin, a carefully formulated mixture of plastic pellets. Since resin never breaks down or sheds like corn, XXL bags will typically last sixe times as long as traditional bags! See the Corn vs. Resin page for other differences. Unfortunately, the higher grade cloth is not yet available in as many colors as standard cloth so Surefire Extended Life bags (XL or XXL) cannot match the color selection of Surefire Traditional. But we'll expand out color selection as suppliers add new colors.

Dual-Sided Pro-Style Pro-Style bags are made to feel and play exactly like the bags the Pros play with at sanctioned events, but at about half the price. They are two-sided with one cotton side that slides normally, and a reverse suede-like side that sticks where it lands. They are made for smooth lacquered boards like our Flatiron boards. You don't have to be an aspiring professional to like these bags, but having a good flat throw is important to properly control them. Recreational players may find Pro-Style bags harder to control at first, but once mastered they offer greater control and more options. They also come in limited colors and require some break-in. Serious players may like to have at least one set of dual-sided bags for when they encounter newly-finished boards that play so fast that ordinary bags slide off too easily.

Ballistic Surefire Ballistic industrial strength bags are super tough bags made to last the longest under the toughest conditions. They are weatherproof and SUPER tough. We don't recommend them to serious players because they are stiff at first and take a long time to break in. In fact if you play in the yard, they may never soften up and play good. But if you run a public court with daily play and abuse, or if you play a lot on pavement or adverse weather, Ballistic might be your best choice. Many bars use Ballistic bags for their courts, but they may also keep a set of XXL bags for sserious players.

Custom We can also make Surefire bags with custom fabrics or combinations of fabrics for just a small added fee and a little extra production time. For example, we can make two-tone traditional bags with a different color on each side. We can make Pro-Style bags with high-grade cloth. We also have some highly specialized cloth in stock such as washable acrylics, polycotton blends, polynylon, Cordura, and others. These fabrics are not as well suited for general use as those used in the above bags, but each offers unique characteristics that are sometimes important to cusotmers.